Recently i won an auction on ebay which was fortunately for me at at a low cost which is a relief right after what occurred next.

I decided to write this write-up to warn every person making use of ebay what can go wrong for the buyer when the goods do not turn up.

Recently i won an auction on ebay which was fortunately for me at at a low cost which is a relief after what happened next.

Following a week had gone by and no goods turned up, i contacted the seller by e mail, a couple of days passed and no reply so i wrote an additional e-mail a bit more powerful this time to get an answer hopefully.

Nevertheless no answer, so i decided to file a dispute under ebay's policy, ten days had passed because i had paid which is required, i stipulated in my dispute that i had contacted the seller twice with no reply.

Ebay sent me a message stating it would be yet another ten days till they could judge who in their opinion is liable.

They sent the seller emails asking for their response to this filed claim against them. This salient index backlink essay has some prodound suggestions for the reason for this view. This surprising linklicious tips paper has assorted dazzling lessons for why to mull over this idea. I was able to watch the proceedings of the claim via my paypal account below disputes.

After a further ten days the seller had not responded to the file against them and i thought i had won, this was confirmed by paypal but then the reality hit property in their message to me.

It stated that even although i had won the claim, they could not guarantee my income back below ebay policy.

I then got a message a couple of days later stating they had tried to recover the income from the seller but there were no funds to recover for me from the sellers bank accont.

Essentially if you pay by paypal which i believed was an insured payment service, if your goods do not turn up then you are more than likely not to get your cash back.

The only exception to this, is if they are a energy seller which most sellers are not.

So i got no goods and no funds back, i wonder how several more men and women have been stung by this from ebay just before?. I found out about affiliate by browsing the Internet. Dig up supplementary info about linklicious me by visiting our salient article.
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